Hostel mPark / Accommodation Bytom

Bytom Accommodation, and more precisely the Bytom hostel, is another offer of the mPark group on the accommodation map of Silesia. Due to its location, Bytom is an important communication point for Silesia. However, finding a good accommodation at a reasonably low price is not an easy matter. That is why we address our offer to you and we hope that we will meet all expectations. Our many years of experience in serving guests will certainly pay off and we will make your accommodation in Silesia nice and pleasant. Additionally, the low price will be a nice surprise.

Bytom accommodation – rooms and lodgings

  • We offer our guests single and dormitory rooms, which we regularly maintain and keep in perfect condition
  • Each guest in the room has a wardrobe and a cupboard at its disposal
  • all rooms have a fridge and a TV with digital TV channels
  • we clean the rooms every day and disinfect them if necessary
  • in each room you can use the table and chairs

Social facilities

  • each guest can use both well-kept and well-equipped kitchen – fridge, stove, microwave oven, which we clean several times a day
  • in the part of the kitchen we have designated a place for the dining room, in which we have placed tables and chairs
  • We constantly keep the public sanitary facilities in the highest cleanliness
  • containers with disinfectant are available on the premises
  • reception staff will be happy to help our guests
  • we limit contact with personnel, that is also properly secured


  • 24/7 reception desk – contact phone: +48 730 99 99 55 or +48 32 445 71 00
  • wireless internet access is available free of charge in the entire facility
  • a parking lot adjacent to the accommodation facility is available free of charge for guests
  • Despite the general situation of the industry, we constantly maintain low-price accommodation in Bytom

Accommodation Bytom – alternatives

To the attention of people looking for accommodation in Silesia, we also recommend mPark group facilities in other places:

We are convinced that everyone will be able to find the right accommodation for themselves. With this in mind, our employees will be happy to help you find the right accommodation option for everyone. For guests who visit the Silesian agglomeration for the first time, very important information will be that the distances between individual cities in Silesia are very small. You can drive through several cities without even realising it. For this reason, it is sometimes worth looking for a much cheaper accommodation in the city nearby and spend several minutes a day reaching your destination. In such a situation, it is also much more convenient to specify the time of commuting instead of the distance to a specific place – in special cases it will also take into account the traffic volume on a specific route and at a specific time (other conditions are usually in the morning and afternoon rush hours).


Must see tourist attractions in Bytom

  • first: the oldest preserved church in Bytom – the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Father Karol Koziołek Street – which was built at the beginning of the 13th century
  • another monument – a neo-Gothic temple built at the end of the 19th century in the form of a basilica – the Church of the Holy Trinity at Kwietniewski Street
  • another must see: the historic Silesian Opera located in the antique seat of the former theater
  • you must visit the historic landscape park Franciszek Kachel on Tarnogórska Street
  • the oldest (operating since 1913) tram line in Poland (currently line No. 38) is still operating in Bytom, and at the same time the shortest, because it is just slightly over 1 kilometer
  • for music lovers, we suggest visiting the monument of the Bytom singer Karin Stanek – unveiled in 2013, it commemorates the queen of Polish big-beat